The End is the Beginning – New Blog

Do not attempt to adjust your television set…

So I finally dedicated some time  to working on my own blog.  Of course you have to start somewhere, so it will take a little time before I amass a library of useful information.  But I guarantee you, the information will be worth your while.

This blog will focus on 3 things:

  • Sourcing
  • Recruiting
  • Technology

The technology section will be less about announcing some cool new smartphone and more about the job reqs for engineers who are making this cool new smartphone and the underlying technology involved.  As technical staffing professionals, we need to know our craft.  Which means not guessing your way through the technology that comprises the many job reqs we work on.  Instead, we have to understand every aspect of our jobs which includes the entire staffing process, the HR/legal issues of hiring, understanding the company, and understanding the technology behind the job you are recruiting for.

Besides the 3 main subjects, I may also talk about important HR/legal topics if I feel they are very relevant.  There will definitely be a lot of talk regarding sourcing methods, technical interviewing, and other “how do I do this” type issues.

Stay tuned!