The Power of Positive API’s


Tech sourcing! Always fun! If you are tired of seeing the same people, try looking in a different place online. What about Kubernetes / Container folks? You could always search local Meetup groups like this one:

1369 members! As long as you have a free Meetup account and are logged in, you can see their full name. But this could take a long time to source….#sadface.  And there are only 10 results per page…#doublesadface.  What to do? How about you use Meetup’s API? It’s free! There are many calls you can make, one of which is to extract all the members of a group:

The only field you need to worry about is the URL name which is:


Here is what the response looks like for one person:

sc bay area post 012919

Pretty cool, right? And here is the info for the first 200 people:

What a hot mess, right? But a quick copy n’ paste of the data into a free JSON to CSV convertor (like will take that ugly data and make it look pretty awesome:

Pretty awesome, right?  All for the cost of zilch!  Make sure you always try out API’s, there is a ton of information out there.  Join us for the next SourceCon Bay Area event to find out even cooler ways to manipulate this data and enrich it.

Mark Tortorici
Founder & Training Expert
Transform Talent Acquisition


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