The Future of Recruiting


Looking into the future is sometimes easy to do, if you know where you’re going.  You don’t even need a time machine.  So what what about the future of recruitment?  Well the answers have been here all along.  The signs are continuously pointing to what recruitment is, and what it will look like in the future:

  1. Sourcing has been evolving and continues to do so – Heywaitasecondhere….isn’t this a blog post about recruiting? Yes, it is.  But the role of the sourcer has evolved.  At SourceCon in Denver this year, I spoke about the Modern Day Sourcer and what they do.  Part of the talk focused on the increasing skills of candidate engagement, technical know-how, and candidate closing that many sourcers of today possess.  These increased and expanding skills will change recruiting.  But don’t worry, it will be for the best.  This just means that recruiters will take up more sourcing and technical skills as well, which will blur the lines between the two roles even more.
  2. Everyone knows where everyone is – Internet search, cold calling, networking, and good ol’ fashioned detective work have made it very easy to find just about anyone.  Once you know how to find these people the only thing that really matters is engagement.  Which brings me to my third point…
  3. Content is the new recruiting AND sourcing – I have to give my colleague Jim Stroud credit here, since he has a book called “Content is the New Sourcing”.  But I want to take that a step further for recruiters.  The content of any and all recruitment branding should be handled with the polish, targeting, and forethought that corporate marketing teams use. So besides the content of landing pages, blogs, candidate emails, and social media sites, the verbal communication between the recruiter and candidate must be targeted, precise, and sound like it’s coming from someone who will work directly alongside of the candidate once they are hired.  Establishing that rapport and demonstrating the knowledge of the job, team, company and industry is paramount.  We need to sound less like sales and more like fellow engineers.
  4. Speak to your candidate, not their demographic – Long gone are the days of “we are a 10 ten company to work for…join us”.  The reason why those days are gone is because every candidate in this market has a ton of “top companies” that they can choose from.  The courtship between candidate and corporation needs to be even more precise, personalized, and above all…honest.  Candidates can easily detect if your company is full of B.S. or if there are a host of unhappy employees behind that recruiter’s smile.  So instead, find out everything there is to know about your candidate and speak to the motivating factors that drive them.  I’ll give you a hint: it’s not all about money $$$$$.

In the end, the only way this will work is if we all step up our game.  Yes, personalization takes time.  Yes, learning about every single technical aspect of your company takes time.  Yes, you can easily just post jobs and catch whatever gets caught in your net.  But are you getting the job done?  Or are you putting a piece of duct-tape over a burst pipe?  Sure it works at the moment.  But if there’s one thing I know about the future, is that it’s a finicky creature who never does what you think it will.  😉

– Mark Tortorici
Founder & Training Expert
Transform Talent Acquisition