Follow the Process…Even in an Ocean of Candidates


Mark looking for potential candidates

While having an email exchange with my friend Lisa Amorao (@leese), she mentioned to me a certain req that she needed filled.  As we talked, I figured out that this was a req unlike most.  As we went back and forth about what she was looking for, I was reminded about always sticking to the sourcing process, no matter what the req.

Here’s a quick background about Lisa for the story: Besides being an avid Social Marketer in the staffing industry, Lisa is also an open-water / cold-water swimming fanatic.  Whether it’s around the SF Bay Area, or anyplace that she travels to (provided there’s a nearby ocean), she will be there swimming.  She mentioned to me that she needed to find a Cold-Water Swim Coach, or as she put it, a Cold Water Sherpa.

Now I immediately realized that the “Cold Water Sherpa” title might not be an officially recognized one, so I did what any right minded sourcer would do, follow the sourcing process:

  • Conduct the req intake meeting (or as we call it, the req huddle)
  • Ask questions during the req huddle to clarify, and pitch alternative profile ideas
  • Find out what the “must haves” are, and think of multiple ways to find those qualifications
  • Talk about places that these candidates might hang out at (besides the beach…DUH!)

The Req:

So here is what the req ended up being: Continue reading