When the Boss Asks for the Inconceivable: Sourcers Must Call Candidates!

inconceivableIf you’re a sourcer and thinking about this headline, you might start having an anxiety attack, sweating profusely, talking like Porky Pig, or begin planning how you will get out of your current contract in order to avoid the phone.  (And if you weren’t thinking about this before, you certainly are now!)

Fear not, true believers!  This is something that you have experience with already.  It’s called: communication.  You’ve been doing it your whole life since you could talk and believe it or not, it’s been with people that you’ve never spoken to before.  Of course as we grow older from our childhood into adults, there are seemingly more roadblocks, timing issues, and weird personalities to deal with.  But really it still boils down to a simple exchange of information between two people.

When sourcing first started, it was usually a name generation or pure research role.  Sourcers “supported” the recruiter through their candidate generation efforts.  But over the last decade that has progressed.  The sourcer is also becoming a candidate engagement specialist or even the recruiter.  Now I realize this is not the structure in every company, but times are changing and will continue to change.  For budget reasons, headcount, or to speed up the hiring the process,   we will continuously see the roles of sourcer and recruiter blend.  The recruiters will get better at sourcing even if it’s only for a short time during the day, and the sourcers will get better at contacting candidates and speeding up the hand-offs in the hiring process. Continue reading