Mobile Recruiting & Sourcing!

We are creatures that communicate via mobile constantly.  It only stands to reason that a sourcer or recruiter must be just as connected as their audience in order to identify, engage, and attract the right talent.

Micro-blogging (blogging via Twitter, IM status, Facebook status, Linkedin status, etc.) is one of the main communication methods that a lot of people use.  Because of the avalanche of information out there, certain mobile apps can be beneficial in the mobile recruiting / sourcing space:

mobile app logos

Foursquare,, Circle, Intro, Sonar, and Twitter: Of course these are just more ways for us to talk about what we’re doing and share via social media, but the recruiting/sourcing possibilities are just too good to pass up.  Especially when used around a group of people containing a high concentration of potential candidates.  Good examples include tech talks, conferences, restaurants, etc.  For an easy illustration of this, I have enlisted the help of my friend, Plugged-In Pete:


So obviously there can be great potential for networking / passively-recruiting candidates if this method is used right.  The key points to remember when doing this are:

  • Approach the conversations naturally, like you would strike up a conversation with a stranger
  • You already are at the same place because of similar interests – if it’s industry or technology related, then you have it pretty easy
  • Don’t reveal your methods of targeting the candidate – I promise that they will think you’re creepy
  • Approach the conversation like a passive candidate, because that’s what they are – don’t aggressively market yourself or the job or company
  • If questioned by a skeptical candidate, you could always mention that you recognize them from their blog or website (if it’s well known to the public)

The world is definitely smaller and more transparent than ever before.  Since that’s here to stay, then you might as well use it to your advantage!

Mark Tortorici


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